Loon's built-in object documentation. Can be used with every loon object that has plot states including plots, layers, navigators, contexts. This is a generic function.

l_info_states(target, states = "all")



either an object of class loon or a vector that specifies the widget, layer, glyph, navigator or context completely. The widget is specified by the widget path name (e.g. '.l0.plot'), the remaining objects by their ids.


vector with names of states. 'all' is treated as a keyword and results in returning information on all plot states


a named nested list with one element per state. The list elements are also named lists with type, dimension, defaultvalue, and description elements containing the respective information.

See also

Other loon interactive states: l_hist(), l_plot(), l_serialaxes(), l_state_names(), names.loon()


if(interactive()){ p <- l_plot(iris, linkingGroup="iris") i <- l_info_states(p) names(p) names(i) i$selectBy l <- l_layer_rectangle(p, x=range(iris[,1]), y=range(iris[,2]), color="") l_info_states(l) h <- l_hist(iris$Sepal.Length, linkingGroup="iris") l_info_states(h) }